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photo-18 We (and especially Cassie the Dog) hosted some UNK Alpha Phis serving on their sorority Executive Board last night who had an early flight out of Lincoln to attend an Leadership Conference in Chicago.

I have attended MANY of these kinds of conferences as an undergraduate, a graduate student and in my various roles as a Student Affairs professional. I have always thought these kinds of experiences were great, but now that I am not hustling, bustling, coordinating and preparing for them – I am truly able to look back and realize just how valuable they are for college students.

What’s so rewarding about working in leadership development with students is that it’s kind of like a simulated driving range. They get to practice, make mistakes, learn from them and ultimately; these experiences give each student something tangible to promote to future employers. I have spent 16 years working in leadership development and it’s so amazing to watch a student take on a officer role and grow and contribute to the group. I love to see their confidence in their abilities (and themselves) develop in sometimes over just a semester’s time.

And now with my knowledge and expertise about CareerCode, combined with the work I have done in leadership development ~ we have developed some great career workshops and team building sessions for student groups to help them strategically pick roles that not only best suit them and their skills so they are even more marketable in their chosen professions.

If you advise a group or know of any groups that would like to have a great team-building workshop that would include some individual student coaching sessions on their codes and how to apply their leadership skills to career planning —> we are providing this kind of service to college students and organizations. If you have interest please email me at tracy@careercode.com.

Enjoy your wonderful conference ladies ~ P.S. Cassie would like for you to visit again soon. 🙂