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DreamsCanComeTrueSo I have to say that one of my besties really got me hooked on the TV Show “THE VOICE” last year and I just continue to LOVE this show more and more each episode.

OBVIOUSLY, if we are to “CODE” the show — it would be hands down “ARTISTIC” or “A” as we say when we are #talkingincode. And while I LOVE the music and the artistry, I think what gets me even more than the music is all the coaching, mentoring, authenticity and compassion the coaches and the fans have created that goes to support ANY PERSON taking a chance to live their dream. #GooseBumps

I am truly both in AWE of how they’ve created this culture and spirit for the show. The show has no age limits, no specific physical requirements — it’s only goal is that you as a contestant have the courage to give that song and stage your very best! It’s so inspiring and every time I watch a 17 year old or a 44 year old get out there and chase their dreams ~ it only inspires me more to chase mine!

If you are a dreamer…..and/or have LOTS of “A” and “S” (like me) in your top codes ~ I STRONGLY suggest watching this show. Caution: You will be hooked! And if you are a REAL #VOICEGEEK –> then check out this Pinterest page of #StuffCoachesSay: