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I think this quote probably perfectly describes a parent/child relationship as they begin exploring college and career selection together as a family. I remember feeling that tension my parents and I had as they had to begin to let go a little ~ yet still help guide and influence my decisions.

And what a balance beam this is for parents.

The majority of parents I visit with truly understand the importance of giving their child the freedom to discover who they are and explore and make decisions for themselves. Yet on the other hand, these parents are their child’s greatest investors and have a lot of wisdom and life experience to share –> which often leads to the difficulty in creating balance between the two.

I have compassion for both parties as they work their way through. I have been the student who wants the freedom to Go MY Own Way and feel supported. But I now have a much greater appreciation for parents (thanks to my own) who are highly invested and want to help guide their son or daughter to making the best possible and most affordable decisions. Plus then throw in all of the emotion that comes with letting your child go and knowing that from that point on…things really do change.

I am so inspired by working with a new high school client and his wonderful parents right now. My client’s mother (who’s a highly trained counselor herself) wrote such wise words for me that inspired this post —> “I know that young people do NOT make career decisions in isolation and families/parents have a great deal of influence.”

She’s absolutely right!

This family is wonderful and supportive of their son and of course have some opinions (like all good parents are entitled to have) and I cannot wait to see what this young man’s “Codes” come out to be. I already have a pretty good idea from just reading his Mom’s questionnaire this morning.

What an honor it is for me to help facilitate this process with a family. It’s so rewarding to see the student/child feel heard and understood, yet outline some real practical goals and career direction to help the parents feel more settled as well.

Thanks to everyone who reads our posts AND please refer me to friends, co-workers, and family if they need a Career Counselor ~ there’s nothing more rewarding than helping a person (and their family) find their way! Contact info: tracy@careercode.com or (308) 224-4007.