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SA The AdvocateMY MOM –> Carol Owens Lungrin!!!

Today is my Mom’s 66th birthday!!! She’s been such an crucial (non-paid) member and advocate of the #CareerCode team that she deserves at the very least deserves an entire blog post written about how wonderful she is!

Not only has she been an editor, content generator and even data cruncher; she’s also been our biggest fan, cheerleader and evangelist! We would NOT be published nor where we are today without her contributions and support! And if that’s not enough —> she’s also happens to be our “Social-Artistic” muse and poster child for the CareerCode Book!

“C-DOGG” is STILL the “Cool Mom” that all of our friends (and random strangers) love to hang with to talk smack or dish about life’s latest issues. But more importantly we really love that she’s using her “Social and Artistic” gifts to advocate for her families who rely on her support and guidance! We are so proud of all the work she does with TLC Families and her important role in their home-based program.
She’s always been an advocate, a cheerleader, a friend, a coach —> and a swift-kick if need be!
Have a wonderful day ~ we love you!