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Shaking Hands Last night was so much for me…and for others like me. I attended one of my college alumni events and since I worked for years for my college in various roles, I have had the opportunity to meet so many of our cool alumni spanning over 5-6 generations.

And it’s not like I had not thought of this before, but since I attended for purely social reasons, it really got me thinking about Alumni Events from a CODES perspective and especially about who attends more frequently –> and (more importantly) who actually really enjoys them!

The two most dominant codes at these events who were ‘working the room’ (and who have never met met a stranger) were the Enterprising and Social codes. And if you are like me, who has a great deal of both ~ you love them even more!

I have had my non-S and E friends tell me that they don’t always enjoy going and after a while they feel uncomfortable and get exhausted striking up conversations with so many strangers and shuffling through the masses. Of course I used to lecture them about networking and getting to know other people, but now I know it’s something I really enjoy doing. Every single time I go I make at least one or two new connections and that just excites me.

Think about your ‘Codes’ or the ‘Codes’ of your family and friends. Would they like attending an event like this or would they rather be re-potting plants (or anything else) for that matter!?

Thanks to my friends and former colleagues at UNK Alumni for hosting another great event and of course, I have found a small group of people who want to host a few more in between…