Once upon a time, plenty of times.

Finding a career that’s right for you is not only inspiring, it’s empowering.
Ask anyone that’s already found their fit with CareerCode and they’ll tell you.

“A career choice is an expression of personality.”

—Dr. John Holland

“I can humbly say that without CareerCode, I never would have discovered my potential and all of the opportunities that this field has to offer.”


“I was impressed by how well my Cue CodeCombo description fit me and how specific and well matched the educational and employment choices were.”


“I needed a work environment where I’d be directly in contact with the people I’m helping, where ideas are shared and creativity is encouraged.”


“Although I learned a great deal about myself during travels after finishing college, I felt lost and confused about what I should do after I returned.”


“I felt I was going in the wrong direction; I was starting to really feel the pressure of selecting a major going into my junior year of college.”


“After shadowing some (pre-health sciences) jobs, I discovered they did not excite me. I felt lost and frustrated as I tried to find my way.”


“No matter how much I loved my academic experience, I could not shake the unsettling feeling about the jobs in the career field I had chosen.”