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“I recognized that these people were absolutely born to serve as medical doctors. You could see the fire in their eyes that was clearly missing from my own.”


The Efficient Connector

I was a straight A student in high school and was very involved in sports, music and other activities. I assumed college would be the same, so I decided to pursue Medicine. Chemistry and anatomy did not unfold quite as easily for me as some of my other classes, yet I managed a strong GPA the first two years and was accepted into a summer educational program hosted by Medical Schools, such as Columbia, Yale and UCLA. This is when I saw that the fire in other students’ eyes for medicine was clearly missing from my own.

Turning to a career counselor friend, I was directed to CareerCode. My CodeCombo “SE” validated what I truly love to do—working with people, organizing and coordinating events and sports. It shed light on potential careers that would parallel my interests and I changed my major to a double in Sports Administration and Business Administration. I enjoyed every class.

After graduation, I accepted a job with the St. Louis Cardinals, LLC as a Direct Sales Rep and within six months I was promoted to Group Sales Account Executive. Without CareerCode, I never would have discovered my potential and all the opportunities this field has to offer.