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HumansCraveI honestly don’t know where I found this gem of a saying ~ but I can say that it completely expresses what our CareerCode mission is all about.

1. We believe people CRAVE for satisfying & meaningful work they can do…and we believe we can help them define what that looks like and help them find it.

2. We believe everyone has natural talent and aspires to be good at something. Our mission once again is to help them define it and find it.

3. We ALL want to spend time with the people we like. If we are in the right place, doing satisfying work that we are good at and love, chances are we are ALSO surrounded by people we like. CareerCode can help direct you to the people you will want to spend your time with.

4. TRUTH: We ALL want to be apart of something bigger. We believe that when we are doing meaningful work that we are good at around the people we enjoy ~ chances are we are feeling apart of something bigger!