Ignite a spark, find your purpose and choose an exciting course of action with CareerCode.

CareerCode begins with a short survey that explores how you approach life and opens a window to your personality. The survey results of your two-letter CodeCombo provide validation for your intuition and serves as a means to unlock your potential. The first letter is your most dominant code and the second letter narrows your uniqueness. These two letters combined identify your personality and interests to give you a deeper understanding of who you are and what you value. Browse the 30 CodeCombos below and try to spot which one fits you best.


The Engineer
Methodical and process-oriented. Seeks opportunities to find solutions, explore new territory and use specialized training or expertise.


The Crafter
Hands-on and resourceful. Interested in restoration, repair and creative projects.




The Attendant
Dependable and helpful. Enjoys regular interaction with friends, family and coworkers to provide service.


The Sergeant
Assertive and results-oriented. Leads, sets goals and enforces rules while expecting others to do the same.

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The Technician
Task-oriented, careful and persistent. Moves through project completion with focus, efficiency and structure.


The Scientist
Intellectual, logical and investigative. Driven to accumulate knowledge, test new hypotheses and uncover a better solution.




The Scholar
Original, intellectually curious and analytic. Likes to debate, persuade and share thoughts and conclusions with others.


The Advisor
You do everything possible to find something or to solve a problem. You are curious, intellectual and objective. Driven to analysis, diagnosis and provide solutions.


The Innovator
Intense, strategic and focused. Motivated by challenge, critical thinking and competition while solving problems.


The Examiner
Methodical, careful and process-oriented. Enjoys analyzing data, begin mired in minutia, and takes nothing at face value.


The Designer
Inventive, inspirational, and creative. Likes to use their artistic vision to create beauty and design.

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The Idealist
Complex, persuasive, and contemplative. Uses unique perspectives to explain, entertain and enlighten.

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The Artistic Nurturer
Free spirit, holistic and peaceful. Sense of acceptance, openness and harmony along with special talents inspire teaching, performing or serving.


The Performer
Headliner, entertainer and center of attention. Captures the attention of others with wit, talent and bold ideas.


The Critic
Perfectionistic, discriminate and contrary. Motivated by strong desire for creative expression, order and precision.


The Broker
Persistent, confrontational, and confident. Thrives on closing the deal, meeting goals and moving ahead.

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The Strategist
Ambitious, confident and predictive. A workhorse who sees the big picture clearly, results in power, profit, and winning.

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The Promoter
Dynamic, energetic, and full of ideas. Excited to be part of new movements, big productions and receiving praise for a job well done.

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The Ambassador
Intuitive, engaging, and motivational. Energized by working a crowd, developing connections and influencing others.

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The Director
Dominant, commanding and detail-oriented. Heavily guided by order, routine, overseeing process and results.


The Inspector
Obedient, orderly and systematized. Thrives on repetition, efficiency, structure and high standards, often finishing projects ahead of schedule.


The Analyst
Cautious, deliberate and meticulous. Uses discipline and order to find answers and make predictions garnering respect from others.


The Curator
Organized, traditional, and rigorous. Working with patterns themes and collections, mastering space and turning chaos into order.


The Coordinator
Steadfast, faithful and efficient. Takes responsibility seriously and often carries through for others with adaptability and loyalty.

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The Regulator
Industrious, disciplined and productive. Uses regulations and fairness while maintaining high standards to coordinate projects and produce results.


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The CareerCode provides tools and resources to lead you on a journey, exploring exciting and fulfilling career paths. It offers examples of matching job opportunities to your personality as well as educational and training options. The CareerCode Report not only enables you to realistically evaluate your opportunities, but identify areas for further research and exploration. The entire process of CareerCode has been designed to help you find purpose, develop a plan and realize your potential.

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